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2017-11-01 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 50 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-10-23 We have received a grant of 200 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-09-15 Dr. Xin Xu at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has joined the team as a visiting scholar for 12 months. Welcome! 


2017-09-06 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has successfully given a public seminar for his Docent/Associate Professor title. Congratulations!


2017-06-22 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 40000 SEK from the "Verifiering för Nyttiggörande" program at LiU. Congratulations!


2017-06-01 Yu Liu has been employed as a postgraduate student to work for the project "Cloud-based IoT for green technologies". Welcome!


2017-05-03 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 1300000 SEK from the Norrköping Fond for Research and Development, for a collaborative project with local companies. Great congratulations to him!


2017-04-10 The Swedish Electronics Magazine ELEKTRONIKTIDNINGEN has published a technical paper: Six-port modulation written by Shaofang Gong and Magnus Karlsson.


2017-03-01 Dr. Robert Malmqvist at FOI in Linköping has joined us as an adj. Senior Lecturer (25%). Welcome!


2017-01-10 We have received a grant of 1 000 000 SEK from "Naturvådsverket", see the report by Swedish Television Local News (SVT-Öst) .



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