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Mesoscopic Physics and Photonics

The continuous evolution and scaling down of silicon technologies has been the basis of the doubling of computing power every 18 months (Moore’s law). However, because of the well-recognized fundamental physical, material and technological limitations, the scaling cannot drive Moore’s law much longer, and will give diminishing returns at great expense. This is the reason why one of the central directions of research in meso- and nanophysics is the studies of new device concepts, either related to non-classical functional devices on silicon, or based on entirely new physical operating principles. Another pronounced trend in physical electronics is the investigation of integration of optical components with mainstream silicon-based devices as well as the development of all-optical networks.

Current research of the Mesoscopic physics and photonics group encompasses a broad spectrum of the above-mentioned directions, ranging from investigation of the electronic, transport and electromagnetic properties of graphene, to exploring innovative device concepts, in particularly, in the emerging field of semiconductor-based spintronics, as well as investigation of functional optoelectronic devices.

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