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We are always ready to discuss possible positions with those interested in working in, or collaborating with, our laboratory. If you don't see something particular listed below, please feel free to contact any of us for further discussion.

PhD positions

  • PhD position within the Digital Cellulose Center – Electrically tunable permeability in membranes based on
    cellulose/conducting polymer composites. More info and application here.

Postdoctoral and research associate positions

  • Postdoctoral fellowship within the Digital Cellulose Center – Use of lignin derivatives as a fuel for electrochemical polymer fuel
    cells. More info and application here.

Other positions

General contact and diploma/master's work

For general inquiries or if you are interested in doing diploma (master's) work in organic electronics, feel free to contact...

...or contact Prof. Magnus Berggren directly, or any of the other LOE members.

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