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Laboratory resources

We conduct most of our research in a cleanroom laboratory (class 1 000 and 10 000) that we share with Acreo, which includes a full chemistry lab and a variety of semiconductor processing equipment. Here is a brief summary:

Coating and printing equipment

- Spin-coaters
- Spreader bar
- Hand-held flexo printing (small scale)
- Flatbed screen printing
- Two large computer-driven plotters capable of scribing, cutting and writing polymer or insulating layers
- A Nilpeter FA3300/5 reel-to-reel printing press with offset, roto-screen and flexo printing stages
- Inkjet printer (Dimatix Material Printer 2800)


- Laser writer for photomask manufacture (Heidelberg DWL 400)
- Mask alignment and exposure system (Süss MA/BA6)
- Large area mask alignment and exposure system (Hexscantm 250 SME)

 Vacuum deposition

- Magnetron sputter system (MRC 603)
- Thermal evaporation system for metals (Satis CR725 and Balzers BA510)
- Thermal evaporation system for organics materials (Moorfield)
- Glove box with 4 ports (overpressure of N2) by Innovative Technology equipped with a thin film deposition system by Moorfield 

 Etching equipment

- CVD/RIE (Deposits SiO2 and SiON etc., and dry etching of insulators and organic thin layers)
- Metal dry etching equipment (Dry etch Al and Ti thin layers)
- Matrix RIE (Oxygen plasma surface treatment, and dry etch of polymer films)

Materials characterization

- Atomic force microscope, AFM (Veeco Dimension 3100)
- Scanning electron microscope, SEM (JEOL JSM-6335F)
- Surface profilometer (Dektak 3ST)
- Optical profilometer (Sansofar PLuNEOX) Interference and confocal including liquid immersion objective
- Traditional optical and digital microscopy, including stereo microscopes
- Ellipsometers
- Goniometer for surface/liquid/air contact angle measurements (CAM 200)
- UV-Vis-NIR absorption spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Lambda 900)
- FT-IR spectrometer (Bruker Equinox 55)
- Laser Scanner Micrometer (Mitutoyo LSM501H incl LSM6100 control unit)

Electronic characterization

- HP 4155B parameter analyzer
- Multiple Keithley 2400 and a Keithley 2602 source-meter in combination with several National Instruments multifunctional i/o cards for device operation and characterization
- Cryogenic vacuum probe station with optical port for optical device characterization
- Dielectric parameter analyzer with cryogenic chamber for impedance spectroscopic analysis of materials and devices
- Two computer-controlled potentiostat systems (microAutolab III FRA, Princeton Applied Research 263A)
- Climate chamber for measurements in controlled temperature and humidity

Optics lab

In addition to the cleanroom facilities, we have an optics lab with a tunable laser, cryogenic sample holder and spectrophotometer.

- Laser source (New Wave Research, Tempest 10), optical parameter oscillator (GWU VersaScan/120MB), variable optical attenuator (Newport 935-5-OPT)
- Emission spectrometer (Andor Technology Shamrock 303iB), with IR and UV-VIS detector
- Cryostat (Janis Research VPF 700) with temperature controller

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