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Amanda Jonsson, MScAmanda Jonsson

Office: Open office, floor 3, Kåkenhus

Email: amanda.jonsson(at)liu.se

Phone: +46 (0)11 36 30 69


Amanda's studies focus on signal transduction between electronics and biological systems, in particular nerve cells. Specifically, she studies applications and development of chemical delivery devices (e.g., the organic electronic ion pump) based on conductive polymers. The work during my her PhD studies has included medical applications, i.e. local drug delivery for neuropathic pain and epilepsy; merging delivery devices with conducting polymer electrodes for sensing; and developing the delivery technology to reach millisecond-speed delivery and several individually addressed delivery points. The motivation for improvements in speed and complexity is better spatiotemporal resolution in the communication with the nervous system, ultimately matching synaptic transmission.

Amanda obtained her Master of Science in the area of Biotechnology (Teknisk Biologi) in 2010 at Linköping University. During her master studies she spent one semester in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Her master's thesis, that dealt with modeling frameworks for cellular signaling, was carried out at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medecine (IKE), Linköping University. Amanda joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics as a PhD Student in December 2011.


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