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Daniel SimonDaniel T. Simon, PhD

Assistant Professor


Office: Open office, floor 3, Kåkenhus

Email: daniel.simon(at)liu.se

Phone: +46 (0)11 36 34 76

ORCID (0000-0002-2799-3490) / ResearchGate



Daniel Simon received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Georgia, Athens (USA) in 2000, where he participated in theoretical condensed matter research under Professor Michael Geller. In 2001, he began his graduate work in the Physics department at the University of California, Santa Cruz (USA). There, he joined the laboratory of Professor Sue Carter, studying a range of topics in polymer-based electronics. In 2004, Daniel received his Master's degree, based on electronically patterned polymer films on micro-electrode arrays. In the Spring of 2007, he earned his PhD, based on polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) and nanoparticle-based non-volatile memory (in collaboration with Dr. Campbell Scott and Dr. Luisa Bozano at IBM Almaden). Later that year, he joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics as a postdoctoral researcher, where he focused on converting an in vitro delivery technology for use in a living animal, and later for use in self-regulated artificial neuron functionality. Since 2011, Daniel has led the Organic Bioelectronics division of the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, becoming Assistant Professor (Swedish: Jr Universitetlektor) in 2013.

Research interests

  • Electrical and chemical monitoring and emulation of neural signaling (artificial neurons).
  • Active coupling of polymer/organic electronics to biological systems.
  • Electrochemical doping of polymers by small molecules and self-assembled monolayers.
  • Application of organic electronics to reduction of energy consumption (solar cells, polymer-based light emission, etc.).


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