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Job openings

We are always ready to discuss possible positions with those interested in working in, or collaborating with, our group. If you don't see something particular listed below, please feel free to contact any of us for further discussion.


PhD positions

Postdoctoral and research associate positions

Other positions

  • No position available at the moment
  • Diploma work (master's) positions

    If you are interested in doing diploma (master's) work in Organic Electronics, feel free to contact...

    • Xavier Crispin, whose focus is on transistors, memory devices, and general solid-state technologies
    • Isak Engquist, whose focus is on printed organic electronics
    • Magnus Jonsson, whose focus is on organic photonics, nanooptics and plasmonics
    • Daniel Simon, whose focus is on bio-applications of organic devices
    • Igor Zozoulenko, whose focus is on Theory and Modeling

    ...or you can contact Prof. Berggren directly, or any of the other LOE members.


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Last updated: 2015-05-11