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CultureBee for Wireless Sensor Networking

What is CultureBee?

CultureBee is the name of our own-developed remote sensing system for the purpose of preserving cultural heritage and historically valuable buildings. The overall CultureBee system is illustrated below. CultureBee utilizes, besides other features, the ZigBee protocol for local wireless sensor networking which can also be remotely monitored as a webpage via the Internet. It is a two-way and real-time system for both monitoring and control purposes. CultureBee can also be used for environmental monitoring in the residential, agricultural and industrial areas. We have had projects supported by the Swedish Energy Authority (Energimyndigheten) and Vinnova, etc.. The purpose of these projects is to study issues of saving energy while conserving cultural values of historical buildings, by utilizing the CultureBee system for automatic sensing, display and control. The developed CultureBee system has the characteristics of long radio range (up to 1.6 km line-of-sight), long battery lifetime (up to 10 years), and short link establishment time (15-30 ms).














What is ZigBee?

There are many wireless monitoring and control applications in the industrial and home environments that require so-called wireless mesh networks with low power consumption. For such wireless applications, the ZigBee protocol based upon the IEEE 802.15.4 standard has been specified by the ZigBee alliance with members of Freescale, Philips, Atmel, Siemens, Samsung, Analog Devices and Texas Instruments, etc.




For more information about our CultureBee system and our wireless sensor network solutions, please contact Professor Shaofang Gong.


2018-11-12 Congratulations! Yu Liu, Kahin Hassan, Adam Rohdin and Karim Samin wan the Swedish Embedded Award 2018 for the IoT category, at Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2018. 


2018-10-11 Yu Liu together with Kahin Hassan, Adam Rohdin and Karim Samin have been nominated for Swedish Embedded Award 2018 with the project "Digitalization of Green Plant Wall based on IoT and Cloud".


2018-08-23 IEEE Access has chosen one of our recent publications as a "featured article", and a video film is shown on YouTube.


2018-08-10 We have received one more grant of 50 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-11-01 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 50 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-10-23 We have received a grant of 200 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-09-15 Dr. Xin Xu at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has joined the team as a visiting scholar for 12 months. Welcome! 


2017-09-06 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has successfully given a public seminar for his Docent/Associate Professor title. Congratulations!


2017-06-22 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 40000 SEK from the "Verifiering för Nyttiggörande" program at LiU. Congratulations!


2017-06-01 Yu Liu has been employed as a postgraduate student to work for the project "Cloud-based IoT for green technologies". Welcome!


2017-05-03 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 1300000 SEK from the Norrköping Fond for Research and Development, for a collaborative project with local companies. Great congratulations to him!


2017-04-10 The Swedish Electronics Magazine ELEKTRONIKTIDNINGEN has published a technical paper: Six-port modulation written by Shaofang Gong and Magnus Karlsson.


2017-03-01 Dr. Robert Malmqvist at FOI in Linköping has joined us as an adj. Senior Lecturer (25%). Welcome!


2017-01-10 We have received a grant of 1 000 000 SEK from "Naturvådsverket", see the report by Swedish Television Local News (SVT-Öst) .



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