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2016-09-12 A master student, Niklas Wigertz Danielsson, within the Electronics Design program has been awarded the SKAPA Future Innovator prize in Östergötland, together with his co-workers. Niklas has been involved in our research projects before as a summer worker and a diploma worker.

2016-09-1 "University education in electronics needs a new thinking", see the article written by Prof. Shaofang Gong for Elektroniktidningen.

2016-05-12 Norrköping municipality has granted us 700 000 SEK for a new project via Norrköping Fond for research and development.


Elektroniktidningen has written an article about our EMC-lab

2016-03-22 Thanks to Magnus Karlsson and Gustav Knutsson for the great success of the EMC-lab opening ceremony, and to Michael Hörnquist for his constant support!

2016-02-01 The opening ceremony of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test laboratory has been scheduled on the 18th of March.

2015-09-01 Dr. Duolong Wu from Guangdong University of Technology in China has joint us as a visiting researcher. Welcome!

2015-06-02 Dr. Adriana Serban and Dr. Qin-Zhong Ye have received a grant of 1 MSEK from Norrköping Fond for a project to develop a complete radio and radar system. Great congratulations!

2015-05-07 Our project results from the "Smart City with Internet of Things" project have received wide interest, read the linked article here.

2015-02-01 The university press LiU-Nytt has written an article about our cooperation project with Vertical Plants System AB in Norrköping.

2015-01-07 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has been granted 200 000 kr by Norrköping Municipality for moving the EMC lab from Whirlpool to LiU Norrköping. Whirlpool has donated their EMC lab in Norrköping to the university. Many thanks to Dr. Karlsson, Norrköping Municipality and Whirlpool!

2014-06-23 Andrejs Bondarevs has joined in the group as research assistant. Welcome!

2014-01-29 Jingcheng Zhang has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "A Remote Monitoring and Control System for Cultural Heritage Buildings Utilizing Wireless Sensor Networks". Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

2013-09-13 ”Embedded Message Relay Client”, a summer project done by Patrik Huss together with three students at LiU Norrköping, Niklas Danielsson, Pär Ericsson and Oscar Ivarsson, has been nominated to the Swedish Embedded Award 2013. See the news in Elektroniktidningen.

2013-09-10 Prof. Shaofang Gong has been invited and given a speech about “A Secure and Flexible Solution for Internet of Things” at the M2M Summit 2013 conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

2013-08-29 Elektronik i Norden has reported our received SKAPA-prize founded to the memory of Alfred Nobel.

2013-05-27 Dr. Allan Huynh’s paper "Mixed-Mode S-Parameters and Conversion Techniques" published with InTech as a book chapter in the book "Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems" has now been accessed 11000 times according to the publisher. Congratulations!

2013-05-21 Elektroniktidningen (No. 5, May 2013) has recently written an article "Trådlösa sensorer loggar till molnet", which describes our research and spin-off Wiotech.

2013-05-10 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has been promoted to Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, by the Technology Faculty at LiU. Congratulations!!

2013-02-04 Norrköpings Fond has granted about 3 million kr to the group for a project entitled Smart City with Internet of Things. This project will be run under 2013 and 2014 together with the project financed by Energimyndigheten.

2012-11-30 The Swedish Energy Authority (Energimyndigheten) has granted about 3 million kr to the group for a new project aiming at Energy Saving with Internet of Things. The project will start in December 2012 and end in December 2014.

2012-11-29 Vinnova has grated 300,000 kr to our spin-off company WIOTECH AB (Wireless IOT technologies AB), which is established within Lead Incubator in Norrköping Science Park.

2012-08-30 Imran Mohsin, an international master student who has done his master thesis work in our group, has published a paper in Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. The title of the paper is "Design and implementation of a UWB six-port correlator for 6 to 9 GHz frequency band". The supervisor to this thesis work is Dr. Magnus Karlsson. Congratulations to both of you!

2012-06-29 Energi Världen Nr. 3, 2012 (a magazine published by the Swedish Energy Authority--Energimyndigheten) has written an article "Trådlösa sensorer övervakar Vasamuseet" which describes our own-developed CultureBee system deployed at the Vasamuseum in Stockholm. The wireless sensor network with a dozen sensors has been deployed at the museum since March 2012 and it works very well to monitor the indoor climate for preserving this national treasure of Sweden.


2012-06-12 Dr. Allan Huynh’s paper "Mixed-Mode S-Parameters and Conversion Techniques" has achieved impressive readership results. The paper published with InTech as a book chapter in the book "Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems" has so far been accessed 7000 times. Congratulations to this significant impact that the work has achieved to date! More information can be read here.

2012-05-31 Joakim Östh has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Study of six-port modulators and demodulators for high speed data communications". Congratulations!

2012-01-19 Joakim Östh has received 84,000 SEK from Innovationsbron to verify a circuit architecture for radio communications. Moreover, he has been accepted by Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien (IVA) to the program Mentor for Research in 2012. The grant received is for "Verifiering för Tillväxt Steg 1" and it will lead to Steg 2 with the maximum 2 million SEK that can be applied from Vinnova in 2012.

2012-01-02 Vinnova has granted a new project "CultureBee for Internet of Things" with a total budget of 2 million SEK to the group. The goal of the project is to expand application areas of CultureBee for possible commercialization of the wireless sensor network technology.

2011-12-01 Owais has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Differential six-port radio transceiver for ultra-wideband and wideband antennas". Congratulations!

2011-11-21 Jingcheng Zhang has successfully defended his Lic. thesis entitled "Design and optimization of a remote wireless monitoring and control system using the ZigBee protocol". Congratulations!

2011-09-28 Professor Shaofang Gong has been invited by the European Commission to do the final expert review of the EUWB project which is one of the largest projects within the EU 7th Frame Work for Information and Communication Technologies.

2011-09-12 Faraz Mahmood has been recently employed as an RF designer at Ericsson AB, Gothenburg.  He together with his colleague Jalil-Ul-Rehman Kazim has done his degree project (Master Thesis) within our group. The title of the thesis is “Study of Wideband Couplers for Reduced Coupling and Correlation in Compact Wideband and Multi-band MIMO Antenna System Applications”.

2011-05-10 Jingcheng Zhang has been invited by InTech to write a book chapter to the new book entitled "Remote Sensing", ISBN 979-953-307-231-8. The invitation is based on his earlier publication: "Reliability and latency enhancements in a ZigBee remote sensing system". Congratulations!

2011-02-01 Dr. Adriana Serban has been promoted to be Associate Professor by the university. In addition, she has been appointed to be the Study Director at the Phisics and Electronics division. Congratulations!

2011-01-10 We have received 3.1 million kr from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) for a national pilot project with our CultureBee system, in cooperation with the Swedish Churches (Svenska kyrkan) and Gotland University. The Swedish Churches will contribute another 3.1 million kr to the project. Wireless networks with both remote monitoring and remote control will be established in at least 26 churches , spread over the whole country.

2010-12-15 Allan Huynh has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation: "Study of Wired and Wireless data transmissions". Congratulations!

2010-08-25 The CultureBee system has been nominated to the Swedish Embedded Award 2010. It will be shown-up at the Technology Exhibition (Tekniska Mässan) in Stockholm between 19-20 October 2010.

2010-07-01 Prof. Shaofang Gong has been invited by the EU Commission to be a reviewer to evaluate the on-going EUWB project which is one of the largest projects within the EU 7th Framework Program.

2010-02-12 Adriana Serban has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation: "Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier and Six-Port Transceiver for High Speed Data Transmission". Congratulations Dr. Serban!

2010-01-07 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has been invited by Sciyo to write a book chapter about Ultra Wideband. The invitation is based on his early paper "a frequency triplexer for ultra-wideband systems utilizing combined broadside- and edge-coupled filters" published in an IEEE Journal.

2009-11-24 Our wireless remote sensing system for monitoring cultural heritage is up-running now. We have named the entire system--CultureBee, which can be accessed at: www.culturebee.se

2009-10-30 Owais together with his colleagues at LiU and Sony Ericsson has invented a miniaturized broadband antenna which can cover standards such as GPS, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE, and UWB, etc. A patent application has been registered in USA by Sony Ericsson.

2009-08-06 The Sony Ericsson IPR department has reviewed and wanted to go further with a new patent idea that has been developed from our cooperation project with the company.

2009-03-23 Please meet us at Domkyrkan in Linköping on 31st March at 13:15 to witness the wireless sensor network specially developed for cultural biuldings. The project has been finantially supported by Swedish Energimyndigheten.
2009-03-03 Allan Huynh has been nominated by IN-TECH in Austria to write a book chapter based on his published paper "Mixed-Mode S-Parameter Conversion for Networks with Coupled Differential Signals" in a new book on "Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies". Congratulations!
2008-11-03 Joakim Östh has joined us as a Ph.D. student in the group. Welcome!
2008-10-15 Jingcheng Zhang has joined us as a Ph.D. student in the group. Welcome!
2008-08-20 Owais has been nominated to the best paper award for the paper "Circular Monopole Antenna Stability with Regard to Ground Plane Size" submitted to the 2008 International Symposium on Antenna and Propagation (ISAP'08). ISAP 2008 will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center from October 27 to 30, 2008.
2008-08-01 We have received 3 Million SEK from SonyEricsson and Vinnova to participate in the Swedish strategic "Telecom Branch Program". The project will last two and half years.

2008-07-25 Anders Pettersson who has done his master thesis work "ZigBee-enabled Wireless Water Leak Detector" with us has been nominated to the Best Student Embedded System Award in Sweden in 2008, after hard competition with students from all universities in the country. The final competition will take place among a few finalists at the Technical Exhibition 2008 in Stockholm in October.
2008-07-07 Erika Tejedor Royo, an exchange student from Spain, has finished her Master thesis "Characterization and optimization of ultra-wideband antennas
". Congratulations!
2008-06-19 David García Lorente and Ana Lorido Herashas, two exchange students from Spain, have finished their Master thesis "Design of multi-band ring-filters and ultrawideband six-port correlators in the frequency band 6-8.5 GHz". Congratulations!
2008-06-04 Anders Pettersson has successfully defended his Master thesis "Development of Water Leakage Detectors". Congratulations!
2008-02-29 Magnus Karlsson has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "Ultra-wideband Antenna and Radio Front-end Systems". We heartly congratulate him!
2008-02-24 Pär Håkansson has successfully defended his Lic. thesis: “High Speed Wireless Parallel Data Transmission and Six-Port Transmitters and Receivers”. Congratulations!
2008-01-11 Welcome to meet us at Elektronik/EP 2008 Exhibition in Stockholm. We together with NCC AB will show up a demonstration system of a ZigBee-enabled wireless sensor network for the purpose of energy saving in the home environment. The project has been financially supported by the Swedish Energy Authority (Energimyndigheten) and the “Svenska Byggbranschens Utvecklingsfond (SBUF)”. Place: Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö Booth/Monter: C12:81 Date: 28-30 January 2008.
2007-09-25 Jose Luis Alcaraz Gonzalez from Spain and Mutaz Hamed Hussien Khairi from Sudan have successfully defended their Master theses entitled “Design of an ultra wideband radio front-end for multi-band communications” and “Study of multi-band and ultra-wideband antennas (6-8.5 GHz), respectively. Congratulations!
2007-06-07 We have received a grant of 5 million kronor from the Swedish Energy Authority (Energimyndigheten) for a 4-year project entitled: “Control of indoor climate in historical and cultural buildings using wireless systems”. The project will have cooperation with Gotland University.
2007-02-09 Johan Nordlander has successfully defended his Master Thesis: ”Data collection for an individual energy consumption measurement system using a ZigBee wireless network”. Meanwhile, he has been employed as a graduate student to continue the project. Congratulation and Welcome!
2006-12-20 We have received a grant of one million SEK from Vinnova for a project entitled “Study of Wireless Data Transmission for NANO DIRECT”
2006-12-12 Allan Huynh has successfully defended his Lic. thesis “Flexible Cables for Massive-Parallel High-Speed Data Communications”. Congratulations!
2006-12-04 Adriana Serban has successfully defended her Lic. thesis “Low-Noise Amplifier Design for Ultra-Wideband Systems”. Congratulations!
2006-08-22 We have received 1.8 million SEK from the Swedish Energy Authority for a project named “Effective energy consumption at home utilizing wireless sensor networking and control”.
2006-08-08 Prof. Duxiang Wang from Nanjing Electronic Equipment Institute has joined us as a visiting scholar. Welcome!
2006-04-21 Erik Ottosson successfully defended his Master thesis "Low Noise Amplifier design for Ultra Wideband systems" We congratulate him!
2006-04-10 Prof. Shaofang Gong has received an invitation to write a paper to the conference HDP 06 in Shanghai , China.
2006-04-07 Sang Yu successfully defended his Master thesis "Design of a multi-band RF front-end between 2-12 GHz"
2006-03-02 The second most downloaded student thesis 2005 at LiU is "ZigBee for wireless networking" by Johan Lönn and Jonas Olsson who have done their Master thesis work with us.

2006-02-17 Hawar Ramazanali successfully defended his Master thesis "Characterization and evaluation of Zigbee modules.
2005-12-09 Magnus Karlsson has successfully defended his Lic. thesis entitled "Low profile antennas for UWB" on Dec. 9, 2005. We congratulate him!
2005-10-10 We have received 10 additional ADS licenses from Agilent Technologies Inc. in USA. Plus the previous 10 ADS licenses, Linköping University in Norrköping has 20 ADS licenses now. These donation licenses, having the market price of 20 million SEK according to Agilent, are used in both research and education at Campus Norrköping.
2005-09-05 We have received 300,000 kr from "Energimyndighet" in Sweden för a pre-study aiming at a new research program: Energy, IT and Design starting from 2006.
2005-08-30 In the media: Read the article "Svenska Högskolor gör ZigBee framsteg" in Elektroniktidningen.
2005-08-29 ZigBee ready modules nominated to Embedded Student Award 2005. The ZigBee ready modules were nominated as one of five finalists, in hard competition, for the Swedish national Embedded Student Award 2005 . The prize is awarded by the jury to what is considered the best embedded technology product/project of the year. The five finalists will present their products/projects to the public at the Technical Fair ( Tekniska Mässan ) in Stockholm, October 2005. The submission by Jonas Olsson and Johan Lönn, Linköping University presents different ways of using the ZigBee ready modules for wireless sensor networks (WSNs).
2005-08-27 Press release: "ZigBee applications with joint efforts of universities and companies in Sweden"
2005-08-23 Applied Wave Research, Inc. in USA has, via MTT Components &amp; Systems AB in Stockholm, donated 20 licenses of Microwave Office (MWO) to Linköping University in Norrköping. The market price for those licenses may exceed 10 Million SEK according to MTT. These licenses will be used in both research and education at Campus Norrköping.</p>
<p>2005-08-15 SAAB Bofors Dynamics AB in Linköping has donated two machines to Link&ouml;ping University in Norröping. The two machines for electronic assembly will be used for student lab and research purposes. They cost ~300 kkr if such new machines are purchase today. "We are grateful for SAABs donations and thank their support in our electronic education and research at the university", said by Professor Shaofang Gong.
2005-05-13 UWB antenna to be presented at EuMC 2005 in Paris. Magnus Karlssons paper "An integrated spiral antenna system for UWB" has been accepted for an oral presentation at the European Microwave Week 2005 in Paris. Moreover, he has been invited to write a long paper for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques related to the 8th European Microwave Week. " This is a great achievement of Magnus's research work and we congratulate him commented by Professor Shaofang Gong.
2005-03-04 Welcome to the Master thesis presentation “Zigbee for wireless networking” by Johan Lönn and Jonas Olsson the 15th of march at 10:00 in room K2.
2005-01-30 In the media: Read the article about the Zigbee-module in "Elektronik i Norden"
2005-01-26 Meet us at Electronics Exhibition 2005 (Elektronikm&auml;ssan 2005) in Stockholm on 1-3 February in booth A:33:45.

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