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2018-10-11 Yu Liu together with Kahin Hassan, Adam Rohdin and Karim Samin have been nominated for Swedish Embedded Award 2018 with the project "Digitalization of Green Plant Wall based on IoT and Cloud"


2018-08-23 IEEE Access has chosen one of our recent publications as a "featured article".


2018-08-10 We have received one more grant of 50 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-11-01 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 50 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-10-23 We have received a grant of 200 000 kr from the ACCESS program funded by the EU Reginal Development Fund.


2017-09-15 Dr. Xin Xu at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has joined the team as a visiting scholar for 12 months. Welcome! 


2017-09-06 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has successfully given a public seminar for his Docent/Associate Professor title. Congratulations!


2017-06-22 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 40000 SEK from the "Verifiering för Nyttiggörande" program at LiU. Congratulations!


2017-06-01 Yu Liu has been employed as a postgraduate student to work for the project "Cloud-based IoT for green technologies". Welcome!


2017-05-03 Dr. Magnus Karlsson has received a grant of 1300000 SEK from the Norrköping Fond for Research and Development, for a collaborative project with local companies. Great congratulations to him!


2017-04-10 The Swedish Electronics Magazine ELEKTRONIKTIDNINGEN has published a technical paper: Six-port modulation written by Shaofang Gong and Magnus Karlsson.


2017-03-01 Dr. Robert Malmqvist at FOI in Linköping has joined us as an adj. Senior Lecturer (25%). Welcome!


2017-01-10 We have received a grant of 1 000 000 SEK from "Naturvådsverket", see the report by Swedish Television Local News (SVT-Öst) .



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