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Graduate education within Physics and Electronics (FE)

The FE area offers graduate study (towards a Ph.D.), as well as an International Masters Program in Wireless Networks and Electronics. Graduate study is associated with one of the area's research groups (available from the menu to the left). Available graduate student positions are posted on the university's vacancies web page, and a separate page listing positions within ITN (in Swedish)

In tandem with the ongoing research in areas of media technology, electronics and communication and transport systems, the Department of Science and Technology offers a range of postgraduate education programmes, coordinated by senior research members. A list of links to detailed information regarding entry requirements and the goals of the respective programmes can be found below.


ITN research staff regularly offer graduate courses to support these programmes. However, these courses are also open to graduate students enrolled in research education programmes at other institutions at Linköping University, as well as other universities.

To help both the student and the supervisor carry out their obligations we have compiled relevant information concerning the day-to-day practicalities of postgraduate studies in the two last documents below.

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