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Isak EngquistIsak Engquist, PhD

Assistant Professor (Universitetslektor)


Office: Open office, floor 3, Kåkenhus

Email: isak.engquist(at)liu.se

Phone: +46 (0)11 36 34 01



Isak Engquist graduated from Linköping University in 1990, in Physics and Electrical Engineering, after spending a year (1989-90) as an exchange student at RWTH in Aachen, Germany, where he also finished his diploma work. He moved on to become a graduate student at the laboratory of Applied Physics, Linköping University. In 1996 he received his PhD with the thesis “Microscopic Wetting: Structural and Morphological Studies of Thin Ice on Self-Assembled Monolayers”. Following this, he was hired by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), where he worked from 1997 to 2001 as a research scientist and project manager. During this time, he focused on optoelectronic systems, especially IR- and UV- based imaging sensors for surveillance and missile warning systems. In 2001, he joined Thin Film Electronics AB as a senior scientist and project manager, working in the area of polymer-based memory devices, especially the polymer physics aspects of such devices. Isak joined the Organic Electronics group at Linköping University in 2007.

Research interest

  • Printed organic electronic devices and circuits
  • Inkjet printing of organic transistors
  • Organic transistors and displays based on electrochemistry
  • FTIR spectroscopy


  • Organic Electronics TNE096
  • Fysik för basår del 1 BFN101
  • PhD course in FTIR Spectroscopy 


Publication list for Isak Engquist


  • Engquist, Isak; Nordal, Per-Erik; Gudesen, Hans Gude: A non-volatile memory device, WO/2006/118466.
  • Engquist, Isak; Nordal, Per-Erik; Gudesen, Hans Gude; Dyreklev, Peter; Gustafsson, Göran: A memory device and methods for operating the same, WO/2006/091108.
  • Gudesen, Hans Gude; Leistad, Geirr I; Engquist, Isak; Gustafsson, Goran: Bimodal operation of ferroelectric and electret memory cells and devices, US20060002171.
  • Edvardsson, Niclas; Engquist, Isak; Johansson, Mats: Organic electronic circuit with functional interlayer, and method for making the same, US20050242343.

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